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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

“The role of the wellness facilitator is then to provide a "safe space," an environment in which people feel free to be themselves - to accept the entirety of who they are - and supported in taking responsibility for their own wellbeing.” - The Wellspring

Around this time last year, I started exploring the stirrings of my soul. What derived from this exploration was a desire to use my lived experience of healing and recovery to hold safe spaces for women of color who have had similar traumatic experiences. A whole new trajectory for my life has blossomed which included me obtaining my certification as a Peer Support Specialist.

Living with complex trauma and working through the symptoms of PTSD has been difficult but transformative. Being on this side of my healing journey I am able to look at the totality of my experiences from a different perspective. What started as an inquiry has turned into a full-fledged life shift and I am so incredibly grateful I followed Spirit’s guidance.

Over the last 5 years, I didn’t realize that all the shaking and turbulence I was experiencing on an internal level and in my external circumstances was Spirit’s way of waking me up and calling me deeper. Back in May, I attended Dr. Crystal’s The Sanctuary experience and as I laid in the side fetal position on my mat I heard Spirit repeat over and over “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Remember who you are.” In the biblical text the word know is often used to denote the highest form of intimacy and at that moment I knew that Spirit was asking me to come home to myself. To remember the divinity that resides within me and to step into my full power. I said yes and never looked back.

Trying to describe all the miraculous occurrences that have unfolded since that moment would take a lot more space and time than I have to share with you here. But I will say that if you are wondering if you should take that leap and become the savior you keep waiting for, do it. The world is waiting for you to recognize who you are because when you expand the whole world expands as a result of your bravery.

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Miracles & Blessings


Monday, October 8, 2018
Abuse, violence, and years of self-harm shattered my world. Hope was fleeting and my sense of personal power had been dismantled. No matter how much I tried to isolate or disconnect myself from others I couldn't seem to rid my heart of the shame and rage I felt on a daily basis. My narrative changed:
"No one tried to protect me, so I must not be worth protecting."

"People I trusted betrayed me so I won't trust anyone."

"This isn't supposed to be my life."

Carrying around the weight of my past experiences became daunting and my life looked far from what I truly desired.

After awhile numbing myself no longer felt like an option and instead of running away I sat in the discomfort of my anguish. The darkness eventually lifted and the tiniest spark of hope was ignited. My journey will not be your journey. It's not supposed to be.

What I did not have during this time was a guide. A person who could hold my hand in the valley of the shadow of death and say "You're not alone." That is what I hope to offer you.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Spirit Says:


What lies beyond the surface?

Motion distracts you from the truth.

Be still and feel.

Life has given you many bricks to build the fortress you are hiding in.

But my love knows how to tear it all down.

I've dismantled every one of your fears and yet, you wade in the rubble trying to rebuild what I have destroyed.

Come away from the ruins of the past and see the beauty in what lies beyond the debris.


Monday, July 30, 2018

For those of you that have been following my healing journey for some time know that I spent years in an unhealthy and toxic relationship. As I moved into a journey of healing and recovery it became clear to me that I wasn't the only one trying to find joy beyond the trauma. Through this recovery process, I have learned to transform my traumatic experiences into triumphant life lessons.

This journey of self-actualization and healing has shown me the importance of emotional and mental well-being and has increased my desire to help others along their journey. As I began to come out of isolation and share my story with the women around me I started to see that they too had very traumatic experiences of their own. Some of those experiences were similar to mine, and others stemmed from unresolved childhood issues.

Everyone's life journey is different but what I know for sure is that we are all battling something. But we don't have to go through those things alone. This is why I started developing a trauma recovery program called The Blossom Circle.

The Blossom Circle is a healing circle for women of color who have experienced trauma in various forms. I am here to let you know that trauma doesn't have to define you but if you don't find ways of moving through the experience(s) it will prevent your future from being everything you dreamed possible.

Establishing a community specifically for women of color who have experienced trauma provides physical and emotional safety from the feelings of isolation, shame, and judgment.

Even if you choose not to share your story during the gathering you can participate in the meditation and movement to work through the negative traumatic energies that may be stored in your body. And through this gathering, you will walk away knowing that you are not alone in your recovery journey. 

Please follow my social media accounts located to the right to find out when our gathering will be held. (*Only located in Atlanta for now*)


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Spirit says:

"Look what we've been able to manifest in the last couple of weeks. Imagine if you were able to overcome your fear and do what you've been dreaming of."

If you're anything like me, you find excuse after excuse to not move forward with your hearts desires. Maybe life has made you cautious and in an effort to protect yourself you stand still until God gives you confirmation it's ok to move forward. But once you receive the confirmation do you doubt it and continue to block the blessings you've been praying for?

As someone who has been through hell and high water, I have a tendency to always expect the worst not realizing that it is in expecting the worst that causes the very outcome I was trying to avoid in the first place.

The old adage "Perception is reality." still stands true. Our attempts to be cautious are really just barriers of defense we've erected to prevent us from being disappointed and hurt. But when you attempt to barricade yourself away from the bad, you inadvertently barricade yourself away from the good as well.

A change in perspective allows us to see reality for reality and not the disillusionment we've created from fear-based narratives. Any moment I feel afraid I go within. Locating the root cause of the fear allows me to dismantle it for good instead of treating the symptom and having it return weeks or months later.

Find a place where you can be still and uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes. Focus on your breath, taking long, deep breaths in and out. Notice what comes up for you. Listen to the thoughts that are running through your mind during this moment and focus on your body's response to the thought. Do you tense up? Do you feel uneasiness in your abdomen? Does your breath get shallow? Really pay attention here.

After you have finished the breathing exercise, focus on this journal prompt:

What perceptions are you holding onto? Are they for your highest good?

I hope this morning reflection is something that will become a part of your daily rituals.

Until next time,

Miracles & Blessings!