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Monday, July 30, 2018

For those of you that have been following my healing journey for some time know that I spent years in an unhealthy and toxic relationship. As I moved into a journey of healing and recovery it became clear to me that I wasn't the only one trying to find joy beyond the trauma. Through this recovery process, I have learned to transform my traumatic experiences into triumphant life lessons.

This journey of self-actualization and healing has shown me the importance of emotional and mental well-being and has increased my desire to help others along their journey. As I began to come out of isolation and share my story with the women around me I started to see that they too had very traumatic experiences of their own. Some of those experiences were similar to mine, and others stemmed from unresolved childhood issues.

Everyone's life journey is different but what I know for sure is that we are all battling something. But we don't have to go through those things alone. This is why I started developing a trauma recovery program called The Blossom Circle.

The Blossom Circle is a healing circle for women of color who have experienced trauma in various forms. I am here to let you know that trauma doesn't have to define you but if you don't find ways of moving through the experience(s) it will prevent your future from being everything you dreamed possible.

Establishing a community specifically for women of color who have experienced trauma provides physical and emotional safety from the feelings of isolation, shame, and judgment.

Even if you choose not to share your story during the gathering you can participate in the meditation and movement to work through the negative traumatic energies that may be stored in your body. And through this gathering, you will walk away knowing that you are not alone in your recovery journey. 

Please follow my social media accounts located to the right to find out when our gathering will be held. (*Only located in Atlanta for now*)

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