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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Yesterday I got a chance to listen to the Hey, girl podcast on my commute home from work. The episode was an interview with Yasmine Cheyenne on the topic of “Doing The Work”. So I thought it was pretty magical that I pulled the Eight of Pentacles this morning. On the episode, Yasmine begins with defining what “Doing The Work” means.

“The work is life.”

“Anytime you have a situation come up where you have to dig deep and figure out how to work through it, how to grow from it then you’re in the work.” 

- Yasmine Cheyenne

I highly recommend listening to the episode as well as part 2. Yasmine and Alex offer some beautiful gems of wisdom that I truly believe will bless your journey.

Today, Spirit is asking you to commit to this journey of healing knowing that there is no finish line. Heart work is hard work. It will require all of your energy and effort. Heart work will require you to be uncomfortable. it will push you beyond your limits and make you question why you ever decided to take up this journey in the first place. But aren’t you worth the effort?

We stretch beyond our capacity for friends, lovers, and family members. We can always manage to find ways to show up for others, yet when it is time for us to show up for ourselves we acquiesce and wait for another time or another day. However, Spirit says today is the day. Today is the day you face the uncomfortable, do what you feel like is the impossible, and know that Spirit has your back. Today is the day you play full out and stop making excuses.

For some that may look like taking a workshop, or attending a retreat. For others, it may mean gaining a deeper understanding of your patterns and cycles by studying your past. Whatever this means for you it’s time to stop playing on the sideline hoping that you will magically float into becoming who you want to be. It’s time to do the work.

If you’re interested in having a facilitator support you on this journey please click this link to book a reading or session.
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