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Monday, February 11, 2019

How Can I Blossom Today?

The Empress is one of my favorite cards. She reminds me to soften my hard edges, to be in a state of receptivity and allow things to flow to me. When I am in desperate need of self-care I will pull the Empress card. For some reason, despite all the work I’ve done on myself to discard the selfish narrative I associate with the word “Self-care” I still need someone to give me permission to say it’s ok to pause, reset, and take some time to love on yourself without guilt or shame.

Today the Empress is asking the same of you. Can you give yourself permission to stop striving and allow the universe to bring to you what you desire? Can you give yourself permission to love yourself by saying “No.” to that outing, or phone call without feeling like a bad person? Can you give yourself permission to pause long enough to appreciate all the beauty your life has to offer you at this moment? If your answer is yes, do something today that fills you up with love and joy. Do something today that makes you feel beautiful. The Empress only has more than enough to give to others because she has learned how to fill herself up first.

Check your motives for over giving. Are you truly giving from a place of love, or are you giving from a place of trying to work for the love you want to receive?
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