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Abuse, violence, and years of self-harm shattered my world. Hope was fleeting and my sense of personal power had been dismantled. No matter how much I tried to isolate or disconnect myself from others I couldn't seem to rid my heart of the shame and rage I felt on a daily basis. My narrative changed:

"No one tried to protect me, so I must not be worth protecting."

"People I trusted betrayed me so I won't trust anyone."

"This isn't supposed to be my life."

Carrying around the weight of my past experiences became daunting and my life looked far from what I truly desired.

After awhile numbing myself no longer felt like an option and instead of running away I sat in the discomfort of my anguish. The darkness eventually lifted and the tiniest spark of hope was ignited. My journey will not be your journey. It's not supposed to be.

What I did not have during this time was a guide. A person who could hold my hand in the valley of the shadow of death and say "You're not alone." That is what I hope to offer you.

If you would like more information about my services you may reach me by email at or by phone at (770) 799-6046.

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